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Pantyhose vs. Bare Legs

Posted on: November 19, 2012

What are your thoughts on pantyhose vs. bare legs for women over 50? I am of the generation where you only went bare when it was very warm and you were wearing a sundress. Now that the weather is cooler, I can’t see going around freezing with bare legs. Plus, I really think that most women look better with pantyhose because their legs are not always smooth and blemish-free.

For some reason, the younger generation complain that pantyhose is not cool, or is uncomfortable, but they wear many things that are clearly uncomfortable, like platform heels. And they seem fine with wearing colored tights for some reason, which I don’t think are any more comfortable than pantyhose. If you wear very sheer, good quality hose, it looks very natural, but still covers up all those spots and veins that many women get as they age.

From what I can find doing research online, it seems that most men think women look better in pantyhose, not that it matters what men think. For me, I feel a bit undressed if I am going to a business or formal affair and have no stockings on. This Forbes article “The Great Pantyhose Debate of 2012” has some good examples of the pros and cons. This blog on the Houston Chronicle had some great comments too. Apparently some younger women say wearing panty hose is “fake”. I wonder what they think about wearing makeup?

Kate Middleton in pantyhose.

Of course, Kate Middleton created quite a stir when she wore pantyhose in her visit to the U.S. I thought she looked very classy in them. What are your thoughts on this subject? Should women over 50 go bare to keep up with the current fashion regardless of how they look or is it ok to wear pantyhose these days? Would love to hear your thoughts!

9 Responses to "Pantyhose vs. Bare Legs"

I think it’s perfectly fine as long as the pantyhose is an attractive shade and they fit well. We have all seen women that wear pantyhose that bunch up and have runs, but we also see legs that should not go bare. I think it is an individual decision.

Funny, I was debating this very thing this weekend. I wanted to wear a skirt out to dinner with dressy open toe shoes, and the stockings I had looked dowdy with the shoes. Wrong color, Wrong texture. Ugh. (Wish I knew Kate Middleton’s brand! Probably Dior at $20 a pair.) Anyway, I remembered some Airbrush Makeup for Legs (Sally Hansen brand) I had bought awhile back. Took a shower and shaved so that my legs were smooth, then applied the makeup according to directions (very easy). Voila! Beautiful. It covered the age spots and irregularities of my 65-year old legs. I felt very glam. Washed off in the shower the next day. Remember: The legs are the last thing to go. Enjoy revealing them while you can.

Of course, when my husband reached for my leg under the table at dinner he was disappointed. Turns out he likes the feel of silky nylon. Oh well.

Ah hah! Thanks for the great idea! I will have to look into that. Yes, I have found that it seems men actually prefer nylons or pantyhose to bare legs!

Incidentally, tonight I went to a professional meeting and there was a woman who looked to be about late 30’s to early 40’s sitting at the conference table. She was wearing a nice blue blazer and shirt. I sat down next to her and then noticed that she was wearing a fairly short skirt and her bare legs were very spotted and freckled, which totally ruined the professional look of her suit to me. First, I think a longer skirt would be more appropriate, and then second, some of the leg makeup or a sheer hose would have looked much more professional.

Marie in Mississippi
I love the look of pantyhose. I wear skirts and tops quite a bit and also enjoy a lovely dress quite often. I don’t care for wearing hemlines above my knees as I’ve never had attractive legs even as a young girl when I was very thin. Oh well, at least I have 2 legs and I can walk thank goodness. However, my problem with pantyhose is they either start sagging down between my upper legs or if I get a larger size, they sag around my ankles. I now usually wear thigh highs when I dress up even though they cost more. To find them I have to go to more expensive stores. I do like to see ladies who dress nicely. It has become such a “sloppy” world these days. I think my mother’s generation back in the 40’s looked so terrific. It seems they took more pride in their manner of dress. I guess Woodstock and the hippies of my generation changed everything and not for the better it appears….haha. By the way Kate Middleton always looks like a real lady by the way she dresses and a good example for today’s young women…..or for any woman of any age. And yes, her pantyhose look just fine!


I am 55 and honestly I really do not like pantyhose. I am so lucky that my legs do not droop, wiggle or jiggle and until that begins to happen I want to enjoy not covering them. Everything else…must stay covered!!

Thank you for your comment, Linda. You are lucky! My legs are not too bad but I still feel like I am half naked when I go bare.

I’m now 50 and I have always thought pantyhose look better as as for them not being ” in” I have to say they should be!
They make older women look much better and give a certain class about and I’m totally unsure how they went out is style…then again, did they?
I say bring them on! Bring them back ladies!!! We need that look out there so we all aren’t feeling off by wearing them!! Please put them on..look and feel better in an instant! I stopped wearing certain clothes because they were deemed as out of fashion so I would LOVE to see them worn more often.
If this is called fake haha well there is hair extentions,makeup, faux eyelashes, high hells, etc. you get my drift! So everything is faux/ fake so why decimate over this one thing that actually makes you and your clothes look better? Love hose…always have too! I want them back in fashion.

Thanks, Julie. I totally agree!

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